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Home Preparation

It won't be long and you will be taking home your little puppy but there is some preparation that will be needed to make your home "puppy safe". You have chosen a breed that mainly lives indoors but of course they love to go out for their relaxing strolls or just laying about in the sun (supervised of course) but the majority of the time are spent indoors.

Firstly everything off the ground this includes xboxes, games, mobile phone docking stations, DVD's and anything that can be chewed.

Secondly, don't forget your dirty clothes belong in the laundry basket or you may find your underwear being dragged into the lounge room just when visitors turn up. Please remember puppies don't know the difference from your $250 Asics shoes or your $20 thongs, to them it all tastes great.

Any cords need to be hidden if possible or tied away. If you have a verandah please make sure your puppy can't get under or through the rails or fall down any stairs. Your Pool fencing needs to be puppy proofed as it only takes a second for your puppy to run through the bars and fall in.

If you have a garden please make sure your puppy doesn't chew your plants as there are many plants that can very harmful to your puppy. If you are not sure about your plants you can look them up on the internet under "Dangerous Plants for Dogs". Generally Cavoodles are not chewers but as they grow up they love to explore as any normal healthy puppy does. Also make sure there are no snail baits or poisons around.

Please remember your new little puppy will be relying on you to keep him or her safe and well. It is a responsibility for the whole family to be involved in.


We recommend that you purchase your puppy a Restroom mat before bringing your puppy home. These can be purchased from It is advisable to purchase extra grass matting from Bunnings & cut to the same shape to use as spares. This mat will need to be rinsed every day. You can also purchase drops from any Pet Shop to sprinkle onto the grass matting to encourage your puppy to toilet in the same spot.

We also highly recommend the Snuggle Puppie that can be purchased off ebay for around $80. These are really great to help your puppy settle in. They come with a beating heart and a heat pack to help your puppy feel like their siblings & mum are close by.

Rescue Remedy that can be purchased either at Woolworths or any chemist. These are natural drops that are given to humans for anxiety, stress etc. A couple of drops on your puppies tongue will help relieve the stress on their first few nights and everyone will get a good nights sleep.

Your puppy's night time meal is mainly what we eat. A chop/chicken/sausage/boneless fish etc with some veges & gravy. If a few small containers (about three quarters of a cup of a cup) could be made up and placed in the freezer ready for your puppy would be ideal after all who wants to cook when there is a new puppy to play with. We also use a raw diet called Leading Raw. This product is great and the puppies love it. It is fully balanced and all you do is open the pouch and pop in the bowl. It is available at Petstock and is in the frozen section. It comes in a box of 12 for around $26. For the first night you may want to have some BBQ chicken on hand th help the puppy settle in.

Please work out beforehand where your puppy will sleep. No cold laundry's or bathroom's please. Some people opt for a puppy pen at night in the living area that can contain the puppy or the puppy pen can be placed in the bedroom also. Somewhere nice & quite.

There are a great range of vitamins out there for dogs and especially in their first year may help. One that they all love is Nutrigel. A squirt the size of a 5 cent piece is enough. You can add it to their meal or just let them lick it off your fingers. We also recommend some extra calcium. The brand Troy sells calcium in a liquid form and can be purchased at any pet shop or on line. This also can be added to their dinner.

Music, yes doggy music. According to some lovely customers I have been told you tube has a great variety of music to help puppies sleep.

Whilst you are at work or out another great idea is an Automatic Toy & Treat Dispenser. Your voice is recorded, load your treats, set the timer & away you go. Your puppy will hear your voice & receive treats whilst you are not home. For more information visit their website

I hope these ideas do help but if anyone has any more please email us. After all it is all about making our new furry friends settle in with ease.

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