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A Cavoodle's Labour Behaviour

Updated: Apr 9, 2022


The sun comes out as she walks around the room back and forth, till my eyes go weary. She is glowing! Yes she is! Look at that fur, what a sight! Then she jumps on the couch and suddenly you find her scratching and scratching and you wonder why. Still scratching? Mmm. Tap tap tap all the way to the other side of the room. She oddly passes her food with not an interest on sight. Is it time?

Welcome the afternoon and she’s licking her vulva like there is no tomorrow.

'Hey baby girl, what are you still doing hiding between the couches? I can barely see you. It’s cold down there. Come sit on this warm blanket'.

Those eyes fixed on yours, her chest rising and falling. She‘s adamant for you to stay by her side. Her breast at view and the barrel tummy that can’t be missed. Nothing has moved her from her new found nest. We are almost there.

She strains and strains in a squating position. It looks like a gulf ball but black in colour. Her skin is stretching! Plop! Goes the blood drop on the floor.

Get ready to catch!

Alejandra Lopez B.N. Western Sydney University, MA Management (Nurs) Newcastle University.


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