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Cavoodle Litter


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Ruff n' Roll Pty Ltd is an Australian registered company with Council approved kennels & breeding facilities, specialising in Cavoodle and Poodle puppies.  We strive to bring a loving, cuddly and faithful companion into all types of families. After a lot of research we found the best location in Australia to breed our dogs. We are located on the beautiful Port Macquarie Hastings area, where our dogs roam among the natural surroundings of trees and birds. Our family ensures that we love, interact with and care for the dogs and pups, we enjoy what we do. 


The well-being of our parents and pups are a top priority for our team. Ethical breeding is essential to us which is why we comply to council and third party policies ranging from DNA testing (ORIVET) to upholding breeding standards. In order for our dogs to always have good health, our parents are regularly wormed/heart wormed, tick and flees treated every 3 months and maintain regular vet checks to comply with all vaccinations. Our premises are yearly audited by a 2 local VETs in order to comply with our full membership with AAPDB's rules and policies.

Everyday our dogs are nourished with top quality dry food and fresh raw meat to help them stay healthy and energised.








Our puppies spend their first 8 weeks of life showered with generous love and care. In addition to all the play and cuddles, we worm our pups every 2 weeks and have them tick & flea treated, micro-chipped, health vet checked and vaccinated at 6 weeks. We wean our pups onto solids before they are ready for their new homes, by starting them on a diet that strengthens their bones, prevents bad breath and promotes a healthier coat. When the day arrives for them to go, it is our desire to provide information and guidance to ensure your companion lives a long, loving life.


Cavoodles are a crossbreed between a Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. A crossbred dog potentially minimises common diseases that develop in pure bred dogs. These pups are small, ranging from 25-40cm. They are covered in a soft, wavy coat, have a small to medium muzzle, and large black marble eyes. Cavoodles are known for their low- to non-shedding coats and are a recommended breed for people that are allergic to dogs. This is only a bonus to the guarantee that they will be your best friend and therapeutic companion.

For additional information regarding types of Cavoodles, please see more.

Toy poodles are known as one of the most intelligent and trainable dogs. They are used as companions and show dogs and have a lifespan of up to 15 years. Toy poodles are the smallest of the three poodle sizes, growing no more than 30cm. They have a slim muzzle, a long neck and a tightly curled coat, which can be styled in various ways. It is known to be the safest breed for people with allergies.

Meet The Team


Ed with cavoodle

Background in Law, IT, Photography, Video, Project Management & Farming

My goal is simple: Raise loving, healthy & intelligent pups that will bring joy to a new family.


"Bringing hope and showing compassion doesn't cost the earth!!"

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